Yuusoft was founded in 2020 with the objective of helping individuals and businesses succeed by taking advantage of technology. The company is based in Nanjing, China.


Luciano Hanyon Wu is the founder of Yuusoft. He has lived in Italy, China and Japan, and fluently speaks 4 languages. He has started his tech career in 2013, with extensive experience in working in international and startup environments. He has co-founded one ed-tech startup providing language learning applications. He was also a tech lead in a fast growing Chinese startup focusing on NLP applied to e-commerce. Luciano is experienced in the entire cycle of software and product development.


How many people you have in your team?
We are two people working full time. We have a network of professionals working with us on an on-demand basis. We assemble a team based on the specific project requirements.
Do you serve clients outside China?
We serve clients around the world. So far, our clients have come from China, Italy and Senegal.
We like to work remotely and remain productive. Of course it is always a joy to meet clients in person when we manage to be in the same place.
Do you provide development service or consulting services?
We provide both development and consulting services. We will propose a solution that is best for the client needs.
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